About Us

The concept of Pocket ponies was originally formed to specializes in rugs and various gear for the small and miniature equine and we now also offer a variety of every day and showing products not just for the small but the tall also!

The business was originally formed to cater for the miniature and small pony/horse to ensure the availability of quality rugs and gear that provide a comfortable fit alongside an attractive look.

Years of extensive research/ resourcing and trialing we believe we have collected the best range of rugs and gear for the miniature and small pony/horse - whilst giving our customers value for money as well as quality fit and style. Our range includes English hand made items that have been made specifically for the smaller equine, and Australian and international rugs which have been tested on actual ponies in the paddock so we know they can stand the wear that some ponies give them. We never stop trying to source and bring new and innovative gear to the industry and are always open to feedback and suggestions to be able to keep supplying our customers with what beleive is the best quality for a great price!

Our shop is located at 126 Inglis Street, Ballan Vic 3342

Please contact us if you have any queries, suggestions or special orders as we will be happy to help you.

Many thanks,